Joshua Cerbito

Here are the tools and tech that I use on a daily basis, 2021 Edition!

👨‍💻 Editor + Terminal

🧮 Desk Setup

📹 Audio + Video

📦 Desktop Apps

  • Brave is my main browser, and for the most part, I use Firefox for development. And for mobile, I use iOS Safari on my iPhone X, and Android Chrome on a OnePlus 6.

  • I use Habitica (as an installed Desktop Web App) for managing my tasks and habits.

  • Notion is what I use to store and share notes. For longer writing sessions, I use MDfy, a Markdown Editor PWA that I wrote not too long ago (I also blogged about it here).

  • I'm a huge Alfred fan, and I'm glad that Microsoft PowerToys exists for Windows (specifically PowerToys' Run).

  • I design almost exclusively in Figma.

If you've made it this far, then you're awesome, I guess? 😂

/uses is inspired by Wes Bos' Check out other people's setups, and while you're at it, why not add yours as well? Cheers! 🥂