Joshua Cerbito

Hello, Internet

I'm Joshua Cerbito, a Web Developer and Designer. I'm from the Philippines, and currently a Technical Director and the Training Director at Code and Theory.

🛠️ My Favorite Development Tools

I'd like to think that my approach to development is "technology agnostic", so the list below might look a bit much, but these are the actual stuff I've used for the past year or so.

👨‍💻 Programming languages

CSS3DartHTML5JavaScriptMarkdownNodeJSPHPPythonRubyShell ScriptSwiftTypeScript

🧰 Frameworks, Platforms, & libraries

Apollo-GraphQLElectron.jsExpress.jsFlutterGatsbyGreen SockGulpInsomniaJWTLaravelNPMNext JSPugReactReact NativeReduxSASSStrapiStyled ComponentsSvelteTailwindCSSThreejsWebpackYarn

🗄️ Databases, Cloud hosting, & SaaS


💻 Software & Tools

If you're intereseted in the software and hardware I use on a daily basis, I've created a dedicated page for that.

📈 GitHub Stats for Nerds

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👨🏽‍🏫 Teaching & Speaking

I'm passionate about teaching and public speaking. Being able to help other people reach their goals is definitely a big win in my book, and being able to do that in my day job is one of the reasons why I'm still with the same organization for 8 years now.

Before the pandemic, I used to speak at seminars and conferences both public and private; The subjects I talk about range from Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Production, and Music Production, to Philosphy & Christian Apologetics.

🎸 Music & Video

When I'm not coding or teaching, I play music (and usually take videos of me doing so). You can check out some of my music on Youtube and on SoundCloud.

✍🏽 Blog & Writing

I also maintain a blog over at (for tech-related write-ups) as well as on Medium (for other, more personal stuff). I don't write as often as I'd like to anymore, but hopefully I've already gotten back to my habit of writing by the time you see this.